360° Business Value MRI© methodology

"Once you see and understand the bigger picture, you make better decisions.

The Business Value MRI© is an innovative business imaging technique that is used to map the bottlenecks, growth opportunities and solutions within the SMEs in an integral, interactive and objective way. The aim is to significantly increase professionalism and support for the start of changes, digitization processes, innovations and growth ambitions in a short period of time. The result is a groundbreaking higher success rate of the intended organizational improvement.

De 360° Business Value MRI© methodology works from a new consultancy business model. By using smart technology in combination with changing the rules of the game, extraordinary new value is created; it becomes understandable for the entire organisation, more support for change arises at an accelerated pace and it becomes accessible to a new group of companies. 

Smart technology in combination
with new rules 

The innovation

No top athlete is coached without data and images, no doctor puts a plaster on without having taken a picture of the bone and no psychiatrist prescribes medication without making a diagnosis. Logical, right? However, the majority of SME's do not apply this logic in their practice and thus miss out on basic opportunities to make the organisation stronger. The Business Value MRI© is the new consultancy solution that makes smart organisational diagnostics possible and accessible for every organisation!

The need

Many SME companies struggle with important management issues for which the solutions are simply available. Professional focus, ignorance and an often encountered natural resistance to thick advice reports result in many entrepreneurs not being able to reach the solutions to their issues. This is reinforced by the fact that real integral advice often turns out to be an unaffordable investment for many SME companies.

The solution

We have succeeded in combining global knowledge, validated research and practical experience into a single diagnostic tool for consultants. A tool that, with the help of 15 infographics, enables organisations to first make an objective, concrete diagnosis about the six vital business units of their organisation. And to use this insight to greatly improve the quality of management decisions. Not a quick scan, but a careful and comprehensible business analysis in interactive infographics, after which you and the client set out to investigate.

business value mri methodiek (1)

From a new perspective
on the organisation

Heisessie, Business Value MRI Methodiek (1)

The Business Value MRI© integral en interactive organisation diagnosis.
Includes employee satisfaction survey and customer satisfaction survey.

First strengthening the foundation

Customer expectations are made realistic, concrete and more than achievable at the outset by working on and from a strongly balanced organisational foundation:

  • First focus on 'good' then 'great
  • First focus on organising then digitising
  • First the focus on small data then big data
  • First the focus on H.I. (human intelligence) then on A.I. (artificial intelligence)
  • First the focus on creating results against the best possible investment for the company

The changed rules

  • The client becomes the most important employee in the consultancy process.
  • Work is carried out on the basis of complete equality with the client.
  • Knowledge is transferred so that organisations themselves can apply and translate the
  • Knowledge is transferred so that organisations themselves can apply and translate business analysis into practice.
  • Academic reports are replaced by images (infographics).
  • All employees, customers and suppliers are involved.
360° heisessie heidag biic
You'll hear what you didn't know.
You'll learn to see what you didn't see.
You'll achieve successes you didn't expect.

The Business Value MRI© works from three inspiring psychological pillars and a philosophical basic attitude. It is important that you and your client work from the 'free' space and start from 'first don't find', asking questions, listening and looking together at the vital parts of the organisation. 'What do we see happening now?' This from a positive solution-oriented approach in order to teach the organisation how they themselves learn and can best improve. The three pillars:



Strengthen acceptance and support by visualising the reports:

  • infographics (image building)
  • value judgement in green, orange, red colour (traffic light effect)
  • add inspiration and improvement score elements (gamification effect)

Giving meaning

Increase acceptance and support by giving meaning to the business analysis by:

  • Getting the management to think and work actively on the analysis (IKEA effect)
  • Challenging management positively during the analysis (expertise enhancement)
  • Involving the employees, customers and suppliers in the input (360 degree feedback)


Organisation benchmark on professionalism and maturity level with:

  • The business approach and working methods of highly successful companies (business cheating)
  • The indicators of bankrupt companies and failed plans (bottleneck principle)
  • Proven management models (scientific insight)

How does it work? 

Step 1

Identify your challenge or problem.

Step 2

Aligning business research filters.

Step 3

Assembling research team.

stEp 4

Create integral insight.

step 5

Interactive diagnosis support

step 6

Targeted actions & results

Makes organisations stronger

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