Our dream is to make high-quality organisational
inspiring, understandable and accessible to every company in the world.

Team BiiC©

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Why do we do
what we do?

The people at BiiC© have the inner passion to make organisations perform better and to make this knowledge accessible for every organisation. We have experienced that there is a lot of unused knowledge and potential in every organisation. According to us, innovating and professionalising starts very simply by asking smart questions. And that organisations become stronger by connecting people, technology, figures and creativity. All this with a focus on creating value.

Old behaviour
New technology 
A future bankrupt company

Is there a need for?

Many organisations need to reinvent themselves. Digitalisation and artificial intelligence are bringing about an unprecedented speed of change in society. Big data is already at the door, while the majority of organisations do not yet have their small data in order. 

This constant stream of innovations is causing entire services and products to disappear. In addition, technology is changing consumer expectations and the role of entire professional groups.

Big data and artificial intelligence
start with small data and human intelligence.

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How do we help?

We have developed an innovative methodology (the Business Value MRI©) with which we and our accredited partners create an integral picture of organisations in a very short time and immediately show you where and how you can effectively adjust. 

By deploying talented people in our Social Data Centre in combination with advanced Business Intelligence techniques, we have succeeded in making management consultancy accessible to every organisation.

Our starting point is smart cooperation based on win-win.

Companies remain sustainably successful by asking smart questions and capturing, understanding and exploiting the answers.

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And the result is BiiC!

To turn our passion into our work we founded BiiC©.

BiiC consists of three parts; the Consultancy, Technology & Innovation department (where the Business Value MRI© was developed) and the Social Data centre.

By combining existing products and smart technology and making them a little better, we develop beautiful new solutions that organisations are waiting for.

The people behind BiiC©

robert snel BiiC organisatieadviesbureau klantstrateeg business ontwikkelaar

Robert Snel

Ngadia Theys-Vermeulen BiiC Business Value MRI

Ngadia Theys

peter deege biic organisatieadvies

Peter Deege 

kenneth van den berg biic

Kenneth van den Berg 

Monique Strijker partner BiiC Business Value MRI

Monique Strijker

max van barneveld biic

Max van Barneveld

Getting to know us?
You are welcome!

We are pleased to invite you for a brainstorming coffee in our training centre.

We will get to know you without obligation. Get to know you and your company. Explore your issue and wishes. And take you along in the Business Value MRI© methodology.

Makes organisations stronger

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