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BiiC is an innovative tech company and consultancy firm. BiiC was founded by a team of experienced entrepreneurs, directors and management consultants who share the passion to inspire and help organisations to gain innovative insight, better performance and/or more profit.
The abbreviation BiiC stands for Business Insight & Innovation for Consultants.

MarCom Internship MBO/HBO

24 - 36 uur

BiiC is een vernieuwend organisatie adviesbureau voor consultants. Wij inspireren, adviseren en ondersteunen consultants met strategische, tactische en operationele onderzoeken vertaald in slimme interactieve infographics en consultancy methodieken. BiiC biedt ook flexibele maatwerk oplossingen in technologie en advies.

De werkzaamheden op de afdeling Marketing & Communicatie zijn erg leuk en heel divers, zo ben je o.a. betrokken bij:

  • social media redactie en uitvoering
  • produceren 'hub & help' video's
  • infographics ontwikkeling
  • linkedin marketing ontwikkeling
  • Facebook campagnes
  • redactie en uitvoering digitaal magazine 
  • bewaking/ontwikkeling website content 
  • Google analystics rapportages
  • social media redactie en uitvoering
  • bedenken en produceren 'hub & help' video's 
  • worksshops/evenementen organisatie

BiiC is an innovative organisation consulting firm for consultants. We inspire, advise and support consultants with strategic, tactical and operational research translated into smart interactive infographics and consultancy methods. BiiC also offers flexible customised solutions in technology and consultancy.

Work activities
The work at the Marketing & Communication department is fun and very diverse, you will be involved in a.o:

  • social media editing and implementation
  • producing 'hub & help' videos
  • infographics development
  • linkedin marketing development
  • Facebook campaigns
  • editing and production of digital magazine
  • monitoring/development website content
  • Google analytics reports
  • social media editing and implementation
  • devise and produce 'hub & help' videos
  • workshops/event organisation

Student profile
We are looking for a creative, social, pro-active and independent student.

  • MBO level 4 (examination year)/HBO level
  • Good command of Dutch language
  • Fan of social media and vlogging
  • Skilled in photo and graphic editing
  • with many ideas 

At BiiC, we guide you with experienced marketing and media professionals. We give you a lot of freedom to learn and to discover and develop your own talents.

Internship period 4 to 6 months, exact duration and starting date to be determined in consultation.

Please send your application (or questions) to for the attention of Robert Snel.

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