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Business Value MRI© 
The methodology that enriches your consultancy practice

The affordable and integral diagnostic approach of the Business Value MRI© offers new acquisition and growth opportunities for your consultancy company. The methodology creates new opportunities with existing clients and it makes high-quality business analysis accessible to a new group of companies!

White label 

The Business Value MRI© will be made available to you under a white label. The research tooling and MRI reports will be set up and provided with your company logo. We support you with our advice helpdesk, sales and marketing tools and periodic professional inspiration.

In addition to the available MRI, it is possible to include and visualise your own methodology assessments and scans in our software. In this way, you can develop your software within our software in a smart and fast way.

New changes and markets

Partly due to the impact of digitisation, it is important that consultants and organisational advisors, but also marketers and coaches, increasingly provide advice from a holistic perspective. Logically, consultants do not always have this integral expertise in house. The Business Value MRI© solves this problem and ensures that integral advice does not have to be an unaffordable investment for an SME.

Exclusivity and accreditation

BiiC works from win-win partnerships with people-oriented consultants who believe in joint research and knowledge transfer, which leads to a supported solution for sustainable changes in organisations. Business Value MRI©-licences are offered to consultants. We take into account the regional and sectoral spread of expertise. Partners are accredited through training, annual continuing education and knowledge transfer. In this way, we guarantee the quality of the implementation and supervision of the scans.

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