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For who?

Empathic consultants, business doctors, change agents, business coaches, business advisors, marketeers, organisation advisors, growth hackers, accountants, sales trainers, HR-consultants, business controllers and interimmanagers

With a holistic and empathic basic attitude

Using the Business Value MRI© Methodology, we focus on the foundation of organisations. Irrespective of the business, service or organisational form, we see a number of laws that are independent of the sector-specific subject matter.

Being able to spar about the content of organisations from a holistic and empathic point of view is a qualitative precondition to start working with the Business Value MRI Method© as an accredited consultant.

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Proved as talented professional

Our accredited partners have administrative, executive, consultancy and management experience in the following sectors:

- banking and insurance
- marketing and communications industry
- mental health care
- accountancy 
- chemical industry
- logistical services (int)
- media industry
- advertising industry
- food industry
- inland navigation
- professional services
- non-profit organisations

Makes organisations stronger

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