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360° Boardroom session

Pioneering strategy, business or annual plan development thanks to the wisdom & feedback of colleagues, customers and suppliers. 

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Discover the new groundbreaking approach for a Boardroom session with impact!

Are you planning a boardroom session for your management team? After a special period full of online zoom and team sessions, it is finally possible to come together physically again! And to really connect as it only happens when you are together, feel emotion, have fun and passionately search for the next steps for your company and your team.

And are you looking for new insights, opportunities and advice for your organisation? How, for example, can you successfully deal with themes such as digitalisation, innovation, efficiency or finding and binding new customers and employees? Yes? Then we have something unique for you: the 360° Boardroom session

Management teams that see and understand the big picture make the best choices.

The 360° boardroom session is a unique, inspiring and challenging session where expertise, leadership and teambuilding are developed in one approach. An interactive heisessession in which you do not make your choices based on assumptions, opinions and feelings, but based on objective integral insight, new knowledge and direct wisdom and feedback from employees, customers and suppliers.

Fully attuned to your challenge and ambition, we let your management team see, understand and use the hidden potential of your organisation during the 360° boardroom session. We make use of the innovative Business Value MRI© organisation diagnostics. With as input and output no thick reports but everything in interactive infographics. Because once you see and understand the whole you will make different and better choices!  

Heisessie BiiC Heidag 360°
In 360° Boardroom sessions, we let management teams see, understand and use the hidden potential of their organisation.

The approach*/The program

The heating session starts with commitment, questioning and showing your true colours.
Two weeks in advance we send an invitation to all participants, colleagues, customers and suppliers to use questionnaires to give their wisdom and feedback to your company. The insights are processed in interactive infographics which form the basis for the dialoge and diagnose.

1. Masterclass
The kick-off, warm-up and clock-set session is given by a short inspiring organisation analysis 
short, inspiring organisational analysis 2.0 master class.
2. Organisation diagnosis
Together, you will interactively view, understand and experience your company and the effect of your own leadership with the help of the interactive infographics. Based on your challenge and objective, you will see hidden opportunities and improvements and make a diagnosis of where you actually stand.

3. Management challenge 
On the basis of the knowledge and insights of the master class and the diagnosis 
you take on the challenge together to make goal-oriented choices. 

4. Impact plan on 1 A4
What are you going to do differently tomorrow in critical vital business areas?
What is needed to realise your challenge, annual plan or ambition?
This is immediately recorded in the impact plan.

5. Fun & Food

*Customised programme wishes, expansion with e.g. sports and leisure activities of course possible!

The result at the end of the Boardroom session




ON 1 A4

Heisessie, Business Value MRI Methodiek (1)

The Business Value MRI© integral en interactive organisation diagnosis.
Includes employee satisfaction survey and customer satisfaction survey.

What are our promises?

You'll hear what you didn't know.
You'll learn to see what you didn't see.
You'll achieve successes you didn't expect.

Which location?

Discover our beautiful heisesie location in Ouddorp. 
With the many possibilities and beautiful inspiring surroundings, host Gertjan and his wife will take care of your team during the heisessession from A to Z. 
Of course they will make all your tailor-made wishes possible.

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Top level guidance

The guidance of the Boardroom session is provided by experienced people-oriented professionals, all with a background as director, entrepreneur or senior manager and accredited as Business Value MRI© expert.

Depending on your challenge or objective, experts with specific professional expertise can be deployed.

Naturally, the coaching staff will be happy to continue to guide and advise you on the process (if desired), also after the meeting.

Get to know us
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"This is the best investment I have made in years."

You can book the 360° Boardroom session until 30 september from €1.950 instead of € 2.970. This is include 1,5 hour preliminary meeting, two day parts of guidance, digital preparation of the participants, business analysis including, customer, employee and supplier satisfaction survey. 

The investment does not include location fees. Besides our location in Oudorp, we can organise our Boardroom session throughout the Netherlands.

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360° Boardroom session success factors

1. Clear challenge with a goal. 
Define your challenge, problem or ambition very concretely. What do you want to tackle and achieve in the meeting?

2. Working in free space.
You tailor the meeting participants according to the challenge you want to solve or address. We work from complete equality. Participants all contribute to the preparation in advance. Academic reports for input and output are replaced by interactive infographics, because a picture says more than a thousand words. 

3. New rules & technology
The use of smart technology in combination with changing the rules of the game creates extraordinary new value; the insight and advice becomes comprehensible for the entire organisation and more support for change is created within your team.

4. Choices based on insight & feedback
No discussions and brainstorms based on assumptions and feelings, but based on objective and concrete insight, feedback and tips from employees, customers and suppliers. Our credo is that you should not talk about but with your stakeholders. 

5. Different environment 
The meeting takes place in a different environment; you deliberately move away from your current work situation. A different inspiring environment has a refreshing effect and stimulates the strengthening of ties within your team. 

6. Focus, commitment & guts
Participants prepare themselves well. They have the courage to be vulnerable and during the meeting there is real attention for each other (mobile phone off).

Book your 360° Boardroom session

It is our pleasure to make an appointment to get acquainted, to show you and experience our heis session approach and to discuss your wishes.

With the 360° Boardroom session based on the Business Value MRI Methodology© you'll hear what you didn't know, you'll learn to see what you didn't see and you'll achieve successes you didn't expect.

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