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Business Value MRI© 
Integral organisation diagnostic tool for people-oriented professionals with guts. Groundbreaking more insight, support and results. 

In addition to the full Business Value MRI©
there are 4 specialist partial MRI scans

Managementproces - Business Value MRI

Value MRI©

Discover and experience 
the consistency and
effectiveness of your
strategy and leadership 
in daily practice

Commercieel potentieel - Business Value MRI  (1)

Value MRI©

The commercial analysis tool 
that makes your sales and marketing 
improve immediately

medewerkerstevredenheid 1 - Business Value MRI

Value MRI©

With the Human Value MRI© you can interactively visualise the satisfaction, loyalty and feedback of employees, the maturity and the positioning of your company in the labour market. What goes well and what can be improved? Where are the points of attention? You will immediately get a concrete picture.

business value mri klanttevredenheidsonderzoek

Value MRI©

With the Customer Value MRI© you visualise the satisfaction, loyalty and feedback of customers and the market positioning of your company.

With our tools, you will hear what you did not know, learn to see what you did not see and achieve successes you did not expect!

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