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Business Value MRI© 
Integral organisation diagnostic tool for people-oriented professionals with guts. Groundbreaking more insight, support and results. 

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With our tools, you will hear what you did not know, learn to see what you did not see and achieve successes you did not expect!

The innovation

No top athlete is coached without data and images, no doctor puts a plaster on without having taken a picture of the bone and no psychiatrist prescribes medication without making a diagnosis. Logical, right? However, the majority of companies do not apply this logic in their practice and thus miss out on basic opportunities to make the organisation stronger.
De Business Value MRI© is the solution that makes smart organisational diagnostics possible and accessible for every organisation! The innovative approach creates very valuable insights in how and where you can improve your organisation and which growth opportunities you can still use. 

Unique insight and opportunities for your organisation

Improving your turnover or performance? Further professionalise or innovate your business? Find out what your company needs to perform even better. Discover per business unit where and how you can make it even stronger. The accredited Business Value MRI© consultant makes it possible to analyse and diagnose your organisation in a unique, integral and interactive way. The surprising interactive business advice provides razor-sharp and visual insight into what every organisation needs. 

Partly due to the impact of digitalisation, it is important that you as a director, entrepreneur or manager take an increasingly holistic view of your business challenges. The Business Value MRI© makes this possible! The methodology and smart technology visualises the professionalism and concrete improvement opportunities of your organisation by means of 15 infographics.

Full diagnosis

By asking around 400 quantitative and qualitative questions, the MRI scan collects data from six vital business areas; organisation, commerce, HRM, financial stability, procurement and digitalisation. The scan also investigates the satisfaction of your customers, employees, suppliers and you as an employer. 

By means of the (online) Business Value MRI©-tool a cross section of your organisation is made and under the guidance of your accredited Business Value MRI© consultant the professionalism, coherence and gaps of all business units are mapped and the insights where and how the effective adjustment opportunities lie become immediately clear.

Are you looking for ways to improve your turnover, profit, professionalism or performance? For a better grip on your organisation? Do you want to gain insight into what happens and why it happens? Then the Business Value MRI© is an indispensable instrument to support your leadership. 

Algemeen Dagblad 17 February 2020

'At one glance, it is clear where opportunities lie for companies.'

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15 interactive infographics 
in one integral business analysis

The Business Value MRI© examines six vital business areas: organisation, commerce, human resource management, financial stability, procurement and digitalisation. The results of the research are made clear by the following 15 interactive infographics:

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  1. The organisation growth benchmark
  2. The management process
  3. The market positioning
  4. Commercial Potential
  5. The commercial maturity
  6. Customer Satisfaction
  7. The employee satisfaction
  8. Employee passion and commitment
  9. The company culture
  10. The labour market positioning
  11. HRM maturity
  12. The digitalisation maturity
  13. The purchasing maturity
  14. Supplier satisfaction
  15. Financial stability

The infographics can be filtered by functions, products, departments, locations, countries and individuals. In this way, you can make unique cross-sections and comparisons. Zoom in and come to unique insights together with your team. In the case of employee satisfaction, the filtering is of course limited due to anonymity protection.

In addition to the Business Value MRI© there are 
4 specialist part MRI scans

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