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The perception of the management process

With the strategic Value MRI© you interactively visualise the quality, maturity and various insights of the management process within your organisation.

The results of the research are displayed in an interactive infographic.

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  1. Het management process

The infographic makes it possible to display the results at a detailed level. You can filter on functions, products, departments, locations, countries and individuals. This makes it possible to zoom in and come to unique insights, together with your team. 

business value mri managementproces

1) The management process

Insight into the professionalism and quality of management

Are all the necessary conditions in place to properly lead the organisation in achieving its objectives? How effectively and efficiently is your organisation managed? 
Is there coherence between the strategic, organisational and operational decisions?

With our tools, you will hear what you did not know, learn to see what you did not see and achieve successes you did not expect!

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