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Human Value MRI© 
The employee satisfaction survey that makes your organisation stronger

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Management of employees

With the Human Value MRI© you can interactively visualise the satisfaction, loyalty and feedback of employees, the maturity and the positioning of your company in the labour market. What goes well and what can be improved? Where are the points of attention? You will immediately get a concrete picture.

The results of the survey are displayed in 5 interactive infographics.

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  1. Employee satisfaction
  2. Employee passion and commitment
  3. Corporate culture
  4. The labour market positioning
  5. HRM maturity

The infographics make it possible to display the results in detail. You can filter on functions, products, departments, locations, countries and individuals. This makes it possible to zoom in and come to unique insights, together with your team. The employee satisfaction survey is always carried out anonymously.

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1) The employee satisfaction

Understanding your greatest asset

Feedback from employees by means of an employee satisfaction survey (mto) is very valuable and essential to make your organisation stronger. How do employees experience the way of leadership, the work pressure and the content of the work? The Business Value MRI© maps satisfaction with regard to the basic needs of the employee. 

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2) Employee passion and commitment

Insight into job satisfaction

In een organisatie zijn medewerkers het allerbelangrijkst en zijn goede randvoorwaarden op de werkvloer essentieel. Hoe vertaalt zich dat nu in passie en commitment onder uw medewerkers? Wat vinden zij van uw dienstverlening? Zijn zij trots op het bedrijf en ambassadeurs van uw organisatie? De feedback van de medewerkers wordt volledig inzichtelijk gemaakt.

Bedrijfscultuur - Business Value MRI (1)

3) Business culture

Understanding how culture is perceived in your organisation

The culture of your organisation cannot be seen separately from other aspects of your organisation. Culture and structure in particular are strongly linked to each other. How do your employees experience the culture in your organisation, what can you learn from this and does this culture support your ambition?

Arbeidsmarktpositionering - Business Value MRI (1)

4) The labour market positioning

Understanding why employees do or do not choose you

How do interested future colleagues experience your organisation?  How distinctive is your organisation on the labour market? Where are the opportunities and how do you seduce new colleagues to consider working for your organisation?

hrm - Business Value MRI

5) HRM maturity

Insight into the development opportunities for your staff organisation

Without good people, there are no good products, services or satisfied customers. How mature is the personnel policy and personnel management within your organisation? Where are the development opportunities and are you making use of all possibilities? Do you have a good picture of the potential in your organisation?

With our tools, you will hear what you did not know, learn to see what you did not see and achieve successes you did not expect!

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