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EAGER Young Executives Masterlabs

Get started with your leadership and organizational development from a realistic integrated business insight.

Leadership from
commitment through insight

Masterlab is an innovative approach to leadership development. Learn to successfully steer a sustainable future for your organization together with other leaders based on your business and people 'data'.

Many entrepreneurs, directors and managers struggle with important management issues for which the solutions are available. Why are some companies successful and others not? Why do some changes succeed and others fail? What can you and your organization learn from this? And can these insights and models be applied within your organization?

Participants get to work based on previously collected data from employees, customers and suppliers. Learn to successfully deal with your challenges with support based on business analysis (diagnosis) and developmental insight.

A master lab is a combination of integrated organizational advice and development science.

"Once you see and understand the whole, you make better decisions."

Developing mastership through commitment

In these master labs, the participants develop on the basis of concrete integral insight in combination with targeted sparring sessions with fellow entrepreneurs. Based on these insights, you will further develop your leadership by acting innovatively.

From the analysis you know that you have to make a turnaround. How are you going to make that work in the organization? No external expensive consultancy but with your own hands, building sustainable development together in the organization. You are invited to think with fellow entrepreneurs about yourself, the organization and how you as a leader can make a difference.

Use is made of a groundbreaking business imaging technique that maps out bottlenecks, growth opportunities and solutions within your company in advance in an integral, interactive and objective manner. By combining this with a leading developmental approach, you will understand what is going on in your organization and how you teach your organization to learn.

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Development-oriented working provides the optimal opportunity to make room in the organization for healthy growth, more profit and sustainable solutions. Concrete business results are linked to personal and developmental perspectives.

In the master lab, in addition to organizational research, you are also actively involved in a compact plan in which you target the challenges and make your company and your own actions in your organization future-proof.

For shoulders with commitment

The lab is suitable for people-oriented leaders with guts. Young directors who want to research and experience how they can really get a grip on their organization. To be able to fulfill their role in management successfully. Powerful heavyweights who enjoy being accountable and sparring and learning with colleagues from the field.

The lab is professionally suited to entrepreneurs, directors and managers, sales, marketing and product managers and other professionals who are looking for insights and inspiration on how to position and innovate their organization even more successfully.

young executive masterlab
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Return and result

You learn what is going well and where the bottlenecks are in your company and how you can tackle this.
You will learn how to fully understand your company and how to get a better grip on the development of your company.
You will learn how to ask developmental questions so that employees can work independently and responsibly.

You can use yourself and your leadership qualities to make the move in and with your organization.

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With the Young Executive Masterlabs you will be told what you did not know, you will learn to see what you have not yet seen and you will achieve successes you did not expect!

The approach*/The program

The program consists of 5 half-days in 2 days.
The first day focuses on knowledge, insight and understanding. Networking in the evening and enjoying Burgundian. The second day focuses on discovering solutions and innovative action.

In preparation, we send an invitation to all participants, colleagues, customers and suppliers to provide their wisdom and feedback about your company through questionnaires. The insights are processed in interactive infographics that form the basis of the dialogue and diagnosis during the master lab.

Interpret the basis of the method, theory and data.

1. Kick-off
The kick-off, the introduction, the challenges and the equal clocks session.

2. Organizational and Leadership Research
Using a Business Value MRI© we will interactively view, understand and experience your company and the effect of your leadership with the help of the infographics.

3. Organizational diagnosis.
Where are opportunities, pain or problems? Based on your challenge and objective, you discover the hidden opportunities and improvements and you draw up a diagnosis where your organization really stands and what is going well and what could be improved.

4. Network & Dinner
An evening program where we get to know each other, share your success stories and feed the inner man. An unforgettable evening full of inspiration   and fun.

Insight for the future and concrete planning.

5. Interpreting and making visionary choices
Based on the acquired knowledge and insights from the lab and the diagnosis, you together take on the challenge of making visionary choices.

6. Summarizing and action plan
What does it take to solve and fulfill your challenge? How do you translate this into achievable small steps? What will you do differently tomorrow in critical vital business units? What are you going to do differently as a leader in your approach to people and organization?

You go home with:
An integral Business Value MRI© organizational diagnosis* full of useful data and 360-degree feedback for your organization.
Log in to the online environment and the analysis in clear visual summaries.
A personal development plan regarding your leadership.
An impact plan for your organization

Heisessie, Business Value MRI Methodiek (1)

The Business Value MRI© integral en interactive organisation diagnosis.
Includes employee satisfaction survey and customer satisfaction survey.

Which location?

Discover our beautiful master lab location in Ouddorp.
With the many possibilities and beautiful inspiring surroundings, host Gertjan and his wife will take care of the participants from A to Z.

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robert snel en adrianne van doorn

Top level guidance

Robert and Adrianne met in 2010 at the Giraffe Society. A place where leaders with their feet in the clay, from a helicopter perspective, reinforce each other. Both with roots in a very different clay, they discovered that the way of looking is basically the same. Making a good diagnosis based on rich knowledge and experience in order to build a solid, innovative and sustainable solution from there. This in close contact with the customer, whereby he can take the action himself and eventually become more knowledgeable and skilled in analyzing and making concrete.

Their dynamics are characterized by the best of both worlds. Adrianne and Robert complement each other, are sharp in their own field, as well as soft on the people side. Together they build an environment where (young) leaders feel at ease, are challenged to develop their leadership and where fun and enjoyment are fixed elements.

Dates and price

Open registration:
Maximum 10 participants per master lab

Monday & Tuesday 20 & 21 September
Monday & Tuesday 4 & 5 October
Monday & Tuesday 15 & 16 November

Price € ..........*
*Per person excluding VAT, including 2 x lunch, coffee, tea, water, soft drinks, 1 x dinner, overnight stay and breakfast.

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