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create commitment through data with empathy

In 360° we let managementteams 
discover, understand and exploit the hidden potential of their organisation.
for people-oriented professionals with guts

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BiiC© makes organisations stronger

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Discover the unique
360° Business Value MRI

De BiiC Business Value MRI© Methodology is an integral pioneering business approach and imaging technique that is used to map and solve bottlenecks, growth opportunities and solution directions within a company in an integral, interactive and objective manner.

360° Business Value MRI© methodology

Management teams that see and understand the bigger picture
make better choices'.

organisational diagnosis
as a foundation for success

By increasing insight, knowledge and support in a very short time prior to digitalisation projects, innovations, reorganisations, annual planning sessions and strategy projects, we can increase insight, knowledge and support in a very short time. The success rate in achieving your goals will be considerably higher than with the traditional approach.

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You'll hear what you didn't know.
You'll learn to see what you didn't see.
You'll achieve successes you didn't expect.

Algemeen Dagblad 17 February 2020

'At one glance it is clear where
where the opportunities are for companies.'

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What customers ask us

How do I get everyone on board with digitisation?

Things are not going well in our company, where are the bottlenecks?

How do I increase the (commercial) clout of my organisation?

How do I map the differences between the two companies I want to merge?

How do I get a grip on the undercurrent in our organisation?

How can I positively influence the culture in my company?

Are my people actually happy in my company?

How do we keep up with all the online marketing developments? 

How can I bind and retain customers?

Hoe kunnen wij de juiste mensen uit de arbeidsmarkt aantrekken en behouden?

How effective is my marketing and communication?

How do I best lead all these stubborn professionals?



360° Boardroom session

Pioneering strategy, business or annual plan development thanks to the wisdom & feedback of colleagues, customers and suppliers. 

Together with our accredited partners
we make SMEs ready for the future

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