Pieter van Halewijn joins BiiC

13 januari 2022

In order to shape the next phase of BiiC and further growth of the company, Pieter van Halewijn will join BiiC. He will strengthen the team starting January 2022.

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New website live

10 januari 2022

In order to properly support the expansion of the product range, the website has been adjusted and given a new look and feel. The website will be further expanded and adapted in the coming period.

Training center fully equipped for hybrid meetings

Nov 16, 2021

We fully support the measures to prevent the further spreading of Covid-19. At our location we can receive up to 4 people in a responsible manner. Combined appointments (face-to-face and online) are also possible in our training center.

BiiC accredited as a Software Development Training Company

20 oktober

Collaborative Organization for Vocational Education Business (SBB) has expanded BiiC as an Approved Software training company. Thanks to this expansion, we can now also offer talented young software testers and developers a valuable learning workplace.

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