BBiiC Business MRI 360° business diagnostics

BiiC | Business MRI©

Interactive Infographics instead of bulky reports

The infographics use the power of imaging. The colors green, orange and red show what is going well, what needs to be paid attention to and where the potential bottlenecks are. You interpret the insights together with your client and develop the action plan.

Clear to everyone

Instead of a bulky advisory report, your client will see visually how the company is performing.

By displaying this insight in graphs, it is clear to everyone in the organization at a glance where opportunities exist. Subsequently you can zoom in on specific topics with your client.

Unique and in-depth insight for your client

The Business MRI© gives your client the opportunity to understand his company in an objective manner. You show your client patterns within his organization and where they arise.

The MRI creates cohesion. Together with the client, you look at different business functions and how they influence each other positively and negatively. Based on this, you will develop a tailor-made plan of action together with the client.

The client will understand what is really going on

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