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360° Business diagnostics

The Business MRI© is a unique integrated business diagnostic tool. It offers you the new possibility to quickly and effectively see what is going on, where it is happening and why it is happening before you provide your advice. The MRI increases the quality, internal support and success of transformations and is applicable for every company.

No doctor places a plaster cast without taking a photo of the bone and no car is repaired without reading the engine. Makes sense, right? However, the majority of entrepreneurs do not apply this logic and thereby miss opportunities to make their company stronger. The Business MRI© is the new consultancy solution that makes smart business diagnostics possible and accessible for every company.

Entrepreneurs who see and understand the whole picture make better choices

Many entrepreneurs and directors struggle unnecessarily with important management issues, for which oftentimes solutions are simply available. Professional focus and the often encountered natural resistance to thick advisory reports mean that many companies do not have access to existing effective solutions. This is reinforced by the fact that integral advice is often an unaffordable investment for many companies.

BBiiC Business MRI 360° business diagnostics

Only 22% of executives perform a robust diagnosis at the beginning of a transformation

The Business MRI© has been specially developed to offer every company the opportunity to map out bottlenecks, growth opportunities and solutions in an integrated and interactive manner. A fast, effective and inspiring diagnosis to support the best possible advice and choices. A step that leads to more support and a significantly higher success rate for the intended change.

The innovation and methodology

  • The most successful business models
  • The most common fatal business mistakes
  • The wisdom and experience of the customer
  • The wisdom and experience of the  consultant
  • Relevant scientific research
  • 12 years of experimental field research
  • Summarized in a set of essential integral management questions
  • A combination of proven psychological techniques
  • Under the guidance of an accredited consultant
  • Integral in-depth understanding resulting in targeted and reliable decisions with broad support
  • Significantly lower investment than regular integralbusiness analysis or due diligence processes

An integral diagnosis increases the chance of a successful transformation by a factor of 2

The MRI is an innovative solution in which knowledge, validated research and practical experience are combined into one diagnostic tool. The MRI analyzes the maturity and cohesion between six vital business functions: organization, commerce, HR, finance, purchasing and digitalization. Shown in 15 interactive infographics. This gives you and your client a clear overview of the bottlenecks and solutions for the company, whereby it is easy to zoom in on the details.

New added value for your consultancy practice

Providing integrated advice can be a challenge if you do not have the right tools to apprehend a company as a whole. What opportunities would arise for your consultancy practice if you did have this option at your disposal?

The primary innovation brought to you by the Business MRI© is that you can make an integrated business diagnosis in a short time and for an affordable investment with regard to

  1. bottlenecks
  2. growth opportunities
  3. possible solutions
All the ins & outs of the company visible in graphs
  • Personal or anonymous
  • Products or divisions
  • Departments or teams
  • Functions
  • Locations
What the Business MRI© means to them

"Great tool to get a grip on your organization. Clear, transparent and finally handles where to start to change or adjust!"

Wietske Pietersma

Managing Director

MiCCS Masters In Communication, Creation & Sign

"The MRI is a gift full of value. It has brought us both nice targeted compliments and concrete applicable points for development. Strong recommendation for all (SME) organizations that understand that development requires continuous attention."

Wouter Timmer 

Managing Director

Officious office supplies, furnishing & audiovisual

"A real eye-opener. Nice to see that the MRI makes it clear where the opportunities lie within your company."

David Roelofs

Managing Director

DAR Bouwadvies

'The best advisors are within your company.' Be inspired by the story of Speksnijder Mode

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