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A different way of working

The Business MRI© is a unique integrated business diagnostic tool. It offers you the new possibility to quickly and effectively see what is going on, where it is happening and why it is happening before you provide your advice. The MRI increases the quality, internal support and success of transformations and is applicable for every company.

The MRI challenges your client and his or her team to dare. Dare to ask questions. Dare to ask for feedback. Dare to look in the mirror. Dare to show color. As a consultant you guide your client in the process of discovery, understanding and acceptance.

Asking smart questions is an innovation that makes every organization stronger
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The Business MRI© can be expanded modularly if appropriate. From just a sample to a complete MRI. You can also use targeted MRI solutions for specific problems

1. Modular approach - starting step by step

No two companies or problems are the same. That is why it is possible for you to optimally tailor the MRI to the specific needs of the entrepreneur. You can choose to start with a targeted solution and expand it if that is required. 

2. Optimally adaptable to the needs of your client

Discussing the diagnosis of the MRI can be carried out in various forms. From a diagnostic report for a management team to a complete transformation process with all employees of a company.

3. Optimally adaptable to your consultancy approach

Of course, every consultant is also unique. That is why you can tailor the Business MRI© to the focus of your consultancy practice. With the many areas of application, the Business MRI© can be of great added value for your consultancy practice and your clients.

And…immediate diagnosis
  • The MRI analyzes the input and indicates what is going well and what could be improved.
  • Academic reports are replaced by interactive infographics.
  • Benchmarking of  the improvement potential of the six business functions with successful companies
  • Digital reports available for your client.
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