Press release BiiC 12 january 2022

‘Taking new steps with 360° Business diagnostics for consultants’
Pieter van Halewijn strengthens team BiiC | Business MRI©

Being able to make a complete diagnosis of a company very quickly. Where opportunities and problems are immediately visualized and everyone understands what, where and why it is happening. That is the mission of BiiC | Business MRI©. In order to shape the next phase in this mission and further growth of the company, Pieter van Halewijn will come on board at BiiC. From January 2022, he will strengthen the team that Robert Snel founded in 2019.

BiiC has developed an innovative business diagnosis method - the Business MRI© - that allows consultants to identify problems and opportunities in a very short period of time and that allows them to quickly create support and hence, implement changes significantly more successfully. After the initial successes, BiiC is now entering the next phase of expansion, both nationally and internationally. This requires further expansion and professionalization of management.

Successful steps
“Also on behalf of the shareholders, I can proudly announce that with Pieter we have brought in a very experienced director, strategist and motivator! A professional who has earned his spurs in senior management of international companies such as Gillette and Philips,” says founder of BiiC and creator of the Business MRI© Robert Snel. “We areconvinced that as team BiiC with Pieter, we will take new, successful steps together with our groundbreaking innovation.” 

Pieter van Halewijn: “This online platform is a very powerful product for which I see enormous potential, both in the Netherlands and abroad. In my opinion, an indispensable tool for every consultant. I see it as a major objective to help companies identifying problems and opportunities, to expand BiiC and the Business MRI© and to acquire a strong,international position.”

The importance of a rigorous and efficient analysis
The core of the Business MRI© is the possibility to make an integral analysis of a company in a very short period of time and at an affordable investment. This is important in order to be able to take the right measures. This seems obvious, but in practice this step is often skipped, because it can be cumbersome or because entrepreneurs think they already know the cause of problems. This is especially common in SMEs.

Inspiring, comprehensible and accessible
BiiC has therefore set itself the goal of making high-quality business analysis inspiring, understandable and accessible to every company in the world. “We will succeed in this together with progressive consultants”, say Snel and Van Halewijn.

In the photo: Pieter van Halewijn (left) en Robert Snel.
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