Press release BiiC 21 july 2022

New business advice service for accountants

BiiC© has launched a new plug-and-play service that allows accountancy firms to expand their services with advisory services without burdening the organization. This increases the added value that accountants provide, and thus also provides them with additional commercial opportunities.

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The new offer – called the 'Business Indicator' – enables accountants to perform an integrated business analysis relatively easily on the financial management and business operations of their clients. The implementation of this can be done entirely by BiiC©.

According to Pieter van Halewijn, CEO at BiiC©, the Business Indicator responds to one of the greatest needs within the accountancy industry. “The client increasingly expects added value and proactivity from the accountant. The client also expects the accountant to help translate the financial figures into business improvement.”

Traditionally, this has proven to be a difficult hurdle for accountants. Their basic job is to analyze their clients' books, which means that by definition they traditionally look back at the past year.

However, the countless numbers they delve into also offer an excellent opportunity to look ahead. “There is still a lot to gain for accountants if they can also effectively help their clients towards the future,” says Van Halewijn.

“In their role, accountants have good cards in their hands to be the entrepreneur's business partner,” adds Robert Snel, the founder of BiiC©. “If they know how to properly fulfill this business partner role, they can distinguish themselves within a market that is characterized by a lot of competition and relatively few differences in the propositions of the offices.”

Integral business analysis
This is where the Business Indicator comes in. The tool offers accountants everything they need for a low investment to perform an integral business analysis and thus proactively take the customer along in the steps that can be taken to make the organization stronger. “And to solve problems and capitalize on opportunities,” says Van Halewijn.

The Business Indicator creates a 360-degree view of the organization and charts how the various building blocks are performing. Think of themes such as strategy, the effectiveness of the commercial apparatus, the relationship with suppliers and much more.

“The diagnostics provides effective and quick insight into the relationship between strategic, tactical and operational decisions during the management of the organization, and how the individual team members experience this. This provides insight into the distinctive character and where the points for improvement and opportunities lie,” says Van Halewijn.

The consultants of BiiC© provide (behind the scenes) support in the advisory process. Van Halewijn: “As a service provider to accountants, our focus is on efficiently and affordably organizing high-quality, comprehensible integral business analyzes with impact. Without burdening the accountant's scarce time."

Unique position
Ultimately, the added value that the accountant can provide as a business partner naturally also translates into additional commercial opportunities. “It provides new acquisition opportunities and, in the long run, recurring revenue. And more importantly, it deepens the relationship with customers,” says Snel.

Finally, he points out the unique position of accountants: where consultants are sporadically called in, the standard is that the accountant is brought on board year after year to go through the books. This recurring moment offers accountants an excellent opportunity to offer this extra service.

“Adding organizational diagnostics is a small additional step, while the benefits are great,” says the BiiC© founder. “A concrete improvement insight into the future adds a lot of value to the annual report and the professionalism of the accountant.”

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